by MJ Krause Chivers

Katarina And Anna Get Lost in the Woods During the War
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# Christian
# Historical Fiction
# War
# Women's Fiction
# Coming of Age

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By downloading this free story, you're agreeing to sign up to my newsletter and get updates on my books. During an attack on their village at night, Katarina and Anna escape into the wilderness. After her sister, Anna is injured, Katarina searches for water. But it's dark, the wolves are hungry and the trees are ominous. A mysterious white cat comes to the rescue. This is a sample of writing based on the series, Russian Mennonite Chronicles. Book One, Katarina's Dark Shadow and Book Two, Katarina's Dark Journey are now available on Amazon. Please see author links for details. During the Russian civil war (1917-1922) Katarina and her sister Anna are young women living in southern Ukraine when the war hits their German communities. Historical info: Caught between the Imperial Government, the Bolsheviks, and the Ukraine rebels, the communities suffered devastation.